Domain Name Renewal

Don't risk losing your domain name, renew your domain with today. Renewing your domain names is easy. With just a few clicks in the console, you can renew your domains and prevent them from lapsing or being registered by somone else.

Don't risk losing your domain names

Every day, businesses inadvertantly lose control of one of their major intellectual property assets by overlooking the renewal of domain names. Although email reminders are sent, sometimes contact email addresses have changed or customer details have not been updated since the original registration.

Keep your contact details up to date

It is vital that your contact details – especially your email address – is up to date in's customer console. If you omit to renew your domain and the registration is lapses, your website will become inaccessible to visitors – a very inconvenient and costly mistake.

Don't let your domain escape

Once expired, failure to re-register your domain name quickly leaves it open for others to register and adopt the benefit of all the effort you have made building it as a brand and traffic generator. This is a very common situation for domain names with generic, non trademarked terms. ONce registered by another party such domain names are lost forever.

The only possibility that you may be able to reverse a domain name registration decision exists where the words used within the domain name are trademarked and you can show that the registrant cannot operate under that name. Such instances are rare and maybe costly to prosecute. In most cases where a domain name is lost and re-registered, it is very difficult to recover.

You can log into the Console and go to "View a summary of your domains" to view all domains due for renewal.

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